Welcome to the British Columbia Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members Association’s Web Site.
We are British Columbia’s Aboriginal Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen joined together again as we served.
The Challenge
The B.C. Association’s challenge is to contact and register all the Aboriginal Veterans in British Columbia to ensure that the New Veterans Charter Services and Benefits are understood and their voices are heard and needs are met.
Thank You British Columbia
The B.C. Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members appreciate the support given by British Columbia’s Aboriginal Communities, evident by the many invitations we receive to attend and take part in a wide range of events.
British Columbia Aboriginal Youth
The B.C. Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members are very interested in the progress and development of Aboriginal youth; too support youth we have created a Youth Associate Membership and offer opportunities for our young people to develop leadership and entrepreneur skills.
National Aboriginal Youth Programs
The B.C. Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members supports the Aboriginal Youth Employment programs designed to give Aboriginal Youth military experience in the RAVEN, BOLD EAGLE, and BLACK BEAR programs and the Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year at the Royal Military College of Canada, and the Royal Military College Saint Jea, Quebec.
National Alliance
National Alliance initiative to unite all Aboriginal Veteran by supporting the formation of Incorporated Provincial Societies as chartered members of the Canadian Aboriginal Veterans and Serving Members Association , for one powerful voice on Veteran issues in the National Capital, Ottawa.
Provincial Alliance
As all Veterans know from their experience in the Service; it is numbers that count combined with unified action to gain an objective on the battlefield or objectives  here at home.
It is our objective  on the political front to speak as one on Veteran’s issues  in British Columbia.
We salute all Veterans Associations and intend no disrespect or discordant intent as we urge all Aboriginal Veterans to join the BCAV&SMA organization in addition to having membership in other Veterans Associations.
Veteran Force
As our elder Soldiers leave us, the war in Afghanistan is producing a whole new group of young Aboriginal Veterans. We invite them to come and join the new Veteran Force and march with us.

Richard Blackwolf
President/Officer Commanding

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